Model: Q3340
Condition: Factory New
UPC: 020892222113
MFG: Winchester


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Buy Winchester LE Training 223Rem 62gr Open Tip 20rd box Online

Winchester LE Training  223 Rem  62gr Open Tip  20rd box Purple

ITEM : Q3340

Limited Time can be sold on the Civilian market ! Made for US Federal Law Enforcement.

Buy Winchester LE Training 223Rem 62gr Open Tip 20rd box Online. Winchester Q3340 223 Ammo is not only is it incredibly functional and accurate, it’s PURPLE! Produced as training ammunition for a major US Federal law enforcement agency, the unique purple brass shellcasing provides immediate visual reference for range officers. The brass casing on this ammo features a special treatment rendering it purple. Completely reloadable and function exactly as standard brass casings. Designed for target shooting or plinking at the range, the ammunition features an open tip bullet and is non-corrosive. Even if you never shoot it, you won’t regret owning a unique piece of Americana!


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